Story of Jump/Jade

2019.10.21 16:20

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...... 이 글은 손녀 제이드가 애기 때부터 동물농장인 우리 집에 같이 살면서 틈틈이 써 놓은 <스무 편 동물 이야기> 중 하나다. 실화를 바탕으로 쓴 창작 작품으로 어린 제이드의 마음이 고스란히 전해져 온다.  제이드 글을 다시 읽으니 점프와 행복하게 살았던 그때 그 시절이 떠오른다.  점프는 우리 집 제2 가보였던 아름드리 살구나무 그늘을 사랑했고 그보다 더 제이드를 사랑했다. 제이드를 볼때마다 반가워 펄쩍펄쩍 뛰어 오르곤 했던 높이 뛰기 선수 점프! 제이드와 함께 담뿍 사랑을 받았던 점프!  더 이상 볼 수 없기에 더욱 보고 싶다. 제이드는 커서 떠나고 점프는 사라져 마음 한 켠 시려 오는데, 지나간 시간은 여울목 되어 추억의 언저리를 맴돌게 한다......

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This is the story of a childhood friend who captured a little girl's heart. She was so excited to come home that day and find out that her grandparents had bought a puppy. She went straight to the backyard and became ecstatic. Sitting right in front of her was a tiny little fur-ball no bigger than her forearm. And when she approached the puppy, boy could he jump. That was his new name, Jump. Everywhere the little girl went, Jump would follow. Whenever the little girl went to school he would wait for her, forever loyal, by the door step. He would chase away the nightmares, he would growl at strange noises, and he would stand guard towards moving shadows. He was her protector, her savior, and her friend. As the little girl grew older and bigger so did the young pup. He was soon large enough for her to crawl onto his back and hold onto his fur tightly with tiny fists, as he trotted through the flower garden. He was always gentle with her, unlike other dogs who would always love to romp around. He was there for her first day of elementary school, he was there for her first "A", and he was there for her first broken leg. While the little girl sadly watched her friends running around playing, Jump slowly approached her. As if knowing she was in pain he settled his head in her lap and was there to comfort her. He understood her and she understood him. They were inseparable. That is why the night the little girl's world was shattered will never be forgotten. It was a night like any other. After eating dinner the little girl watched cartoons with her beloved dog. After setting him outside, she went through her nightly routine of getting ready for bed. That was when she heard the barking. At first she chuckled to herself thinking it may be a small animal that made its way into the yard. So she continued to get ready. But then, she heard a rustle in the bushes outside the window. Jump began barking uncontrollably, she became scared and ran to her mother's bedroom. He continued to bark at the mysterious creature in the yard. As she pounded on the door she stopped. Suddenly there was silence. She heard one last bark, a loud yelp, then silence. Fearing the worst, she ran to the backdoor and flung it open. She shouted his name and ran through the backyard searching for him. Everything was quiet, then she saw that the eery glow of the porch light lit one section of the fence surrounding the house. Her eyes slowly trailed from the grass to the beaten bushes, and as she looked higher she saw the shattered fence. She ran towards it looking through the human sized gap. That was when she knew; Jump was gone. Her beloved friend was gone. She never saw Jump again, after that day. But wherever he is, he will always hold a piece of her heart. (02-18-2012)

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