Joshua Tree National Park

2022.09.06 03:29

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Joshua Tree National Park


 Soo Yong Kim

In the vast desolate desert,

Joshua trees are planted like rice seedlings

All over the place in singular manners.


In spite of arid desert landscapes,

Joshua trees are in full bloom and bearing fruits.


I am indulging into the Black Hole with enchantment

Beholding various rugged rock formations,

Standing here and there. 


In the droughty stark desert,

I can feel God’s breath in mystery.

Various big boulders wrestling with one another

Were sculptured by Almighty God.

I made exclamations on His exquisite mysterious way

Of carving to create masterpieces.


I am shrinking to a smallest figure,

If I stand before the lofty huge rocks.

I wonder why I become as tiny as an ant,

Who seemed like a giant elephant.


If I become humble and modest before Him

And I surrender myself to Him completely,

He appears visible in the Spirit and in vision at last.


What an overwhelming exultation and inspiration

In rendezvous with Him it is in this vast National Park!

It will be engraved in my heart like an epitaph, and

Letting Living water overflow endlessly from within.

It is a beautiful memorable picture

Filling azure sky.


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