Walking up the Eiffel tower!

2020.07.10 14:02

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Walking up the Eiffel tower!

How would you vote for the most famous tower in the world? The answer in survey clearly indicates the Eiffel tower. In height, there are more than hundred towers higher than the Eiffel but it is the most prolific tower which attracts 7-8 million visitors yearly.

The tower is 324m tall, about the same height as an 81 storey building. If visitors were told to walk up to the top, everyone would take it as a joke but it is possible that the rule can be changed to walk up only under the Corona situation due to the confined space of the elevator. However, it’s reopened recently after three months lockdown but elevator service allows the visitors up to the second floor. When visitors seriously wish to go further up, walking will be the only option. It has over 300 steps from one level to the next that makes 24,300 for 81 stories in the calculation of my basic math.

When the news of the reopening of the tower came through, but only up to two levels, I thought it was a joke as it was almost impossible to climb up all the way up. There are people who climb the high mountains such as Everest or Alps but they are professional climbers. They certainly have superpowers and easily walk up the Eiffel tower. But it’s hard to imagine for ordinary people like myself who are not adventurous, haven’t got the physical strength or endurance power to do the same thing like professionals.

However, the last three month lockdown due to Corvid 19 has taught us a great deal of real life profoundly. We were taking the cosy life for granted under the modern civilisation, believing, that would sort all the problems out for us. The tremendous human power that seemed to be unstoppable in conquering anything coming our way is on stall. As a matter of fact, we are simply bewildered, on our knees, by the invisible virus and the world nations struggle in coping with situation on daily basis.

Therefore, this mere ‘second level service only’, of the Eiffel tower is teaching us the most significant and powerful lesson in core of human life. The nature or the modern technology we’ve achieved so much but misused are coming back to us with a vengeance that can take us back to square one. Walking up the 81 stories of the Eiffel tower sound still plausible and achievable with hard endeavour. But the consequences might be far greater than the Eiffel tower effect which we could face uphill for pure survival.

Therefore, it is the time we all took this lesson seriously and respected the nature as well as making a vigorous U-turn from self-destructive habits of our greedy life.

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