Under the Covid 19 lockdown, like everyone else, I first concentrated on domestic chores that had been neglected for a long time. Then the lockdown was imposed longer and longer which made me feel so bored as I turned my mind to explore Television and discovered many new channels. Amongst them, a series of Paranormal program caught my eyes and I began to watch it first with curiosity. Soon, I found myself in disbelief in watching those unbelievable objects and entities on live videos as they were supposed to be imaginary creatures or out of this world. These series were not work of any producer or artists but the factual videos taken by smart phone or CCTV users who then sent them to the channel. The numbers of the clips are apparently growing rapidly and showing more and more new and incredulous captures which have opened my eyes and perceived the world in various angles.

In between the clips, the specialists help the viewers with analyses of each content and verify it’s genuineness but they too, find certain clips hard to believe.

Most of the visual images are familiar to us in concept such as UFO, Nessie like sea monsters, entities, spirits or ghosts etc.. They are regarded as myth, folklore or bluff and that are not convincingly believed by majority anyway. It was clearly because a very few people saw or witnessed those images which are so uncommon or unheard of. But it is now the age of smart phone/ CCTV and millions people in the world, who use this technology all the time and catch anything anytime on their lenses. Therefore, they are the red handed witnesses of these paranormal activities from their machine that could be hardly deceitful. Some people still dismiss these phenomena claiming for illogical hoax or fake or simply deny them out of fear but these visual proofs are so prevalent and cannot be just ignored or buried under the carpet in this day and age.

The typical type of UFO is a flying flat dish as we usually know but there are many sizes and shapes of them appearing in the skies of many different parts of the world. Some alone or as a fleet displaying in all sorts of position or move in a split second or at a complete standstill that can delude or frighten any watchful eyes. It was said that the major governments in the world were hiding the UFO affairs from the public but they now slowly admit it and open up and research it more cautiously.

The cases of ghosts, spirits, entities or other monstrous figures have been more sceptical than the UFO theory though, the word of ghost busters mainly from the movies are no longer strange to us. They usually visit haunted places and catch them with special equipment like audio or video machines. However, many of these are now caught casually or purposely on smart phones. The common ones like we usually see in the movies are in shape or shapeless which yell or scream and move erratically or throw about objects in buildings or houses. However, I found one of the most intriguing cases which is atypical but humane. A young parents put a video camera in their baby’s room and regularly check it in the morning. One morning they came across the most unusual scene on the video. The baby was standing holding the wooden bar and laughing joyfully looking straight on a squatted figure that was talking to the baby with kutchi kutchi. The parents were naturally so aghast by finding it out and then the mom was uttering, “It was my late father who used to talk and gesture to the baby in that same way”.

Another baby was standing on the top bar of his cot stretching up his two arms and shouting something, then fell back on the cot and cried.

An extraordinary case was about a ghost of church minister in England. There was a rumour that the ghost of one of the previous ministers had been noticed in the church. A group of amateur ghost busters who were curious more than anything decided to go in. As soon as they entered the church the door behind slammed shut and loud footsteps were heard heading the church office. One of the members was stunned first, then he managed to question the invisible ghost, “Who are you?” and the answer came, “Minister”. “Is there an Afterlife?”, the man asked again. “Yes”. Soon after, there was a resonant Lord’s prayer came out of the office.

A night security guard was on duty in an office block. He sat down on a chair in the reception area and saw a sudden move of some figure that was jumping around. The guard was is in fear first then he figured out it wasn’t harmful and started to chat up to it. He just accepted it from that first encounter and now regard it as a sort of company.

A clip sent by a man was more extraordinary involving in a cat. Something was moving in circle constantly under the man’s duvet but nothing was found when the man lifted it. He told the specialist that his dead cat used to love playing just like that.

The abominable Snowman/ Yeti or the Chinese Bigfoot/ Yeren too, have been photographed by mountain hikers. Even the mountain ghosts were taken on the camera and some of the hikers were attacked by invisible force that left bleeding scratches on the hikers back. And the local people in Eastern Europe caught the hideous looking monsters on their cameras and the monsters were attested to be their legendary creatures. Nonetheless, the specialists in the programmes added that the UFO, ghosts, spirits or legendary creatures were no longer myth but existing objects/ entities in our world.

Finally, these contents of the clips are too entailed to be claimed, fake or false and no one can deny the sophisticated technology of smart phone/ CCTV. The religious faiths might’ve been derived from the fearful concept against these dark forces to protect us living beings. Therefore, these are also part of the nature created by the Almighty God we trust and there is no reason we have to be frightened or scared by them that simply co-exist around us.

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