The Punch of the Opera

2020.03.13 15:40

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The Punch of the Opera/ sequence of the Phantom of the Opera
(작년 크리스마스때 실제로 있었던일을 ‘오페라의 유령’에 묘사시켜 작성함)

(Ulrich – the fashion designer)
On the night of Wagner,

At the Royal Opera House

I asked the lady front                                      

If I could sit next to her

In the vacant seat it was                                  

Then she said I could not,

I asked if she’d paid for the seat.   
She replied she hadn’t

(Catherine - the lady sitting in front)
A creepy voice came behind                                 

If he could sit next to me

I coyly said you could not,                                   

What a nerdy question

Then, he asked me if I had paid                                    

What an impertinent jerk

The right next move he made was                               

I hadn’t expected

I took the chance to move                             

Neatly and quietly

Climbing over without causing                                

Any disturbances

I sat down and move her coat                                   

On to her delicate laps

Thought I was glad it successfully done                           

To sigh of relief

I put my guard down too soon                                   

Thought he wouldn’t dare

Next crikey thing that I noticed                                   

A figure climbed and sat down

He even fingered and lifted my coat                             

And put it on my laps

It was hardly surely believable                                  

What just happened then

I just sat and relished                                       

For the new seat I earned

He counted the eggs so soon                                   

And didn’t know what comes next

Suddenly a punch blew my/ his face                               

Came from her/ my man

And we all landed in the magistrate                           

And her/ my man is guilty

He's there, the punch of the opera!

He’s there, the punch of the opera!

(Matthew - A London solicitor)
Thump, my punch of innocence
Thump, my innocence
Thump for me
Thump, my punch!
Thump for my PTSD!
Most of all, Thump the judge!
Thump for the Two bloomin’ grand fine!

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